Our Leaders

Our tribal leaders

The tribal leaders are the backbone of a tribe. A tribe like ours requires a lot of work. Whether it is the administration of the material, the budget or the members, the planning of camps or just the communication within the tribe, our tribal leaders manage it all seemingly with ease!

Lukas wurde 2016 zum Stammesführer gewählt und leitet ihn seither.

Ein lächelnder Pfadfinder

Our Partol leaders

You could almost say patrol leaders are something like "mini-tribal leaders" because they have roughly the same responsibilities. However, patrol leaders are only responsible for their own patrol. They plan camps and group meetings and pass on their own Scouting knowledge and experience to their Scouts.

Zur Zeit hat unser Stamm nur einen Sippenführer. Der Sippenführer der Sippe „Silberfalken“ ist Tim.

Our other patrol, the "Adler" do not have their own leader yet due to their age.

Our pack leader

Especially our youngest still need a lot of support and attention. That's exactly why we have our pack leaders. They always have an open ear for possible questions or problems and are there to help our Cub Scouts with advice and support. They also plan the camps and design the group meetings to be as varied and fun as possible.

Our pack is currently led by Sophie. she has been with us since the early 2000's and now enjoys passing on her knowledge to the next generation.

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