Any questions left? You might find answers here! Otherwise feel free to contact us!

Very simple answer: Everybody who wants to!

And by that we really mean everybody! We don't care about your gender, your ethnicity, your religious affiliation or any disabilities you may have. 

True to our covenant mosaic, we see ourselves as just that and consist of people from the most diverse backgrounds. Diversity is always welcome here!

No. That is a misconception that has spilled over to us via American shows and films.  

However, it can happen that we offer some at Christmas markets and the like. 

We in the Waldläufer tribe are interdenominational, which means we have members from all religious communities. 

However, there are Christian scouts as well - for example, our friends from the DPSG.

A clear no!

Until the beginning of the 2000s, there still was a gender separation in the scouts here in Grafenwöhr. At that time, there were the Albatross, the Girl Scouts, and us Waldläufer, who actually only accepted boys at that time. At some point, however, the Albatross dissolved and two tribes became one!


By now, about half of our tribe consists of girls