Our big trip this year led us, as so often before, to Scandinavia - Sweden to be precise. So into the bus we got and first travelled to Denmark, to take the ferry to Sweden from there. As soon as we arrived, we replaced our vehicles with canoes.

By canoe we traveled across the country, all the way up to Gothenburg. Meanwhile, we slept partly on campsites and partly simply in the great outdoors. We can say with certainty that we met some very interesting people this way. One evening we sat around the campfire with a couple of Dutch campers until late at night and taught them some of our songs.

Having arrived in the big city, of course our favorite pastime could not be neglected - eating. After we had previously tried Köttbullar from the can (not even that bad by the way), of course, now had to try the original. So we went to an authentic Swedish inn. 

Speaking of food. Do you know "Surströmming"? - We definitely know it better than we would like to now... But we can proudly say that every single one of us has at least tried it. Rumor has it that some of us even liked it...