Our big trip this year took us to Sweden, where we had the great fortune of being able to join a sailing trip. 

But first things first: Packed heavily, we took the train via Nuremberg to Hamburg, where there was still time to go out and explore the city. Shortly before midnight it was time to get ready for the night train! This was an experience in itself - lying in bed while the train passes over and sometimes even under the sea at several hundred kilometers per hour.

Once we arrived in Stockholm, we first went to the campsite, where we set up camp and explored the capital from there. Between the obligatory visits to the Viking and Vasa museums and our picnics at the harbor, there was also a lot to discover in terms of cuisine.

Finally, at the end of the first week, we took the fast train to Nynäshamn, from where we boarded the Whydah of Bristol and set off on our journey. 

Die ganzen unterschiedlichen Fachbegriffe und Knoten zu lernen war anfangs garnicht so leicht und unser Skipper Steff hatte jede Menge zu tun mit uns. Aber bereits ab Tag 2 lief das Ganze schon wesentlich glatter und wir konnten schnell weitestgehend alleine Manöver fahren. Einmal sind wir sogar die ganze Nacht durchgefahren und konnten die Sterne fernab von all der Lichtverschmutzung sehen. 

All in all, this was definitely one of the most exciting Großfahrten in recent years and we can't wait for the next one!